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What to wear for a job interview - just the facts

It's important to carefully consider what to wear for a job interview. Like it or not, how you look has an enormous impact on the interviewer's perception. Even if you're usually not concerned about what you wear, do pay attention when it comes to interview attire. Else you can hurt your chances of getting a job with that employer.

Here's one of the key tips for interviews. Check out what people working in the company or profession are wearing and dress slightly more formally / conservatively for the interview.

What you wear will obviously depend on the job you're getting into. Some professions like consulting, finance and law have fairly conservative dress codes. Suits in shades of blue or grey, white shirt, etc are appropriate for men interviewing for those positions. Women attending such interviews have more choices and can wear blues, ivories or yellows.

If you're interviewing for a job in a less conservative industry like the creative fields, social work, education, etc, what's appropriate can vary. Find out about the attire used by people working in that field and dress accordingly.

Here are more tips on what to wear. Avoid wearing 100% synthetic fabrics to job interviews. Take care of the basics like ensuring there are no wrinkles or stains on your clothes. It's important not to show too much skin -- that can convey a wrong image at an interview. Your clothes should be generously cut, not clingy. Also, don't wear brand new clothes you haven't worn at least once before -- avoid unexpected problems when interviewing for a job.

Apart from clothing, pay attention to accessories you carry into an employment interview. A good pair of shoes and a fine watch can enhance a man's image at an interview. A quality silk scarf can add to a woman's appearance. Make sure the pen, jewelry, briefcase, overcoat, etc you use before the interviewer look tasteful. The little things do matter when it comes to acing interviews and getting a job offer from the right company.

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what to wear for a job interview what to wear for a job interview

Discover the tricks to answering all interview questions.