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Home - overview of tips for interviews
Here's why you should pay attention to some of the finer points about interviewing for a job. Site overview.

Samples of job interview questions
Many questions asked at interviews tend to be repetitive. Find out more about the common ones and be much better prepared.

What to wear for a job interview
Your appearance has a tremendous impact on the interviewer. Here's how to present yourself to your best advantage.

Thank you notes
What to say in thank you notes you send after interviews. This is another opportunity for you to gain an advantage.

Questions to ask at an interview
Part of your success at finding a job depends on what you ask the interviewers. Find out more about the right questions to ask.

Interview bloopers
There are several mistakes unsuccessful candidates make at job interviews. Here are seven crucial bloopers commonly made. Know what they are and avoid making them yourself.

Phone interview tips
Are you facing the prospect of being interviewed over the phone? Here's how you can turn the situation to your advantage.

Answers to tough interviewing questions
Some questions are tough to answer -- if you don't know how to. Find out about a couple of very basic questions and how you can best respond to them.

Freelance careers
Does the prospect of working from the comfort of your home and generating excellent profits excite you? Today, thanks to the Internet, freelancing careers are a reality for many people. Find out how it can work for you.

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