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Best questions to ask at an interview

If you're a job seeker, it's important to be prepared with questions to ask at an interview. Questions are sure way to signaling your keen interest in the position you are targeting. Also, a job interview should never be a one-sided affair. Just as the company is evaluating you, so should you be evaluating the company.

When you ask questions, you subtly convey that you feel relatively certain you want to work at that company, but have some concerns of your own. Thoughtful questions at interviews show that you are an organized person who's serious about finding the right position. It's among the little-known but very effective tips for interviews.

Here are several sample questions you can ask at job interviews. Of course, think up additional questions that apply to your specific situation or to the organization you're applying to.

* What key results do you expect out of someone in this position?
* What are the main challenges this job entails?
* Why is this position open at this point in time?
* What results do you like someone in this position to achieve in six months?
* How many people have held this position over the past three years?
* How much independence would I have in making decisions?
* What options do I have for advancement?
* What key factors contribute to success in this job?
* Are there any major changes due to take place at the company in the near future?
* How would you like the new person to do things differently from the person who had this position earlier?
* What factors have been responsible for the company's success in the past?

Keep in mind that there are some questions you should not ask at interviews. For instance, stay away from personal questions about the interviewers or other people at the organization. In general, don't ask any questions at a job interview that's not directly related to the job, the organization, the function or work environment. Stay focused.

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Discover the tricks to answering all interview questions.

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questions to ask at an interview questions to ask at an interview questions to ask at an interview

Discover the tricks to answering all interview questions.