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Seven interview bloopers that can
torpedo your chances of getting that job

Experienced interviewers say there are seven crucial interview bloopers they've seen candidates make over and over again. Make any one of them and the employer will usually trash your candidature for the job.

It pays to be aware of these common bloopers. The related tips for interviews will help you create a successful interview experience.

Here's the number one blooper folks make at interviews -- going in with a job-hunter's mentality. What does this mean?

Ask yourself, what's the company interviewing you for? Because they have problems that need solving, targets to achieve and so on. Who is the right person for these activities -- someone who's "hunting for a job" or someone who sees himself as a part of the effort, a team player who wants to make a difference?

If you're a "job hunter", you're desperate for a job. Any job. And that shows. You'll come across as very self-centered. For example, you'll constantly use phrases like "I want...", "I'm looking for...", etc. Those are real bloopers at interviews.

Instead, think from the viewpoint of the company, your prospective employer. Find out what they need and convey how you can fill that need. You'll come across as a problem-solver; someone who really does make a difference.

Here's the number two blooper seen at many employment interviews: Behaving in an overly careful manner. Interviewers commonly come across candidates like this. They sit erect in their chair, dutifully respond to the interviewer's questions and in general, try to get everything just right.

By being stiff and overly formal, you reduce your chances of interview success. You won't connect with the interviewer, nor will you be able to exercise any control over the interview.

Here's the third common mistake: Not doing any background research on the company. You cannot position yourself as a problem-solver if you don't know what the employer wants. And that takes some fact-finding. Not doing it before the interview is a blooper.

Fourth mistake: Not listening. When the interviewer is speaking, do make an effort to understand what she's really saying. Listening is not just waiting for your turn to speak. Also, if you answer questions in a clinical, detached manner, you'll turn employers off.

Fifth blooper at interviews: Not paying attention to non-verbal language. Understand the interviewer's body language and personality style. That alone will take you a long way towards a job offer.

Sixth problem: Lying. This should be obvious, but many candidates lose sight of the fact that interviewers can cross-check on what you mention at the interview.

Seventh blooper: Not following up after the interview. This is more than just sending thank you notes after the job interview. You need to keep in touch with the employer without becoming pushy.

Those are seven damaging mistakes candidates make at job interviews. Be aware of them and ensure you don't make them.

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interview bloopers interview bloopers interview bloopers

Discover the tricks to answering all interview questions.