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How you can start a freelance career

And work at home earning an exceptional income

What would it be like, if you could work from the comfort of your own home, doing a job you love, and get paid handsomely for it? That sounds like a dream for many people. An ideal way to live.

Today, thanks to the power of the Internet, many people are doing exactly that. There are several million people who have established very successful careers as freelance professionals. Their ranks include programmers, writers, designers of various kinds and many other home-based consultants. They find that freelancing offers a perfect combination of high financial rewards along with freedom, flexibility and creativity. The good news is, all this is well within your reach.

So do you need extraordinary talent, outstanding qualifications and years and years of experience to join these lucky people? No, not at all. All you need is a skill you can offer clients who need that skill. Plus, you need a willingness to learn how to operate a home-based business.

The big challenge facing new freelancers is of course, finding enough work. You need a continual flow of work to be able to generate an ongoing income. How can you be sure of that? This was a very real problem, till the Internet came along. Things are a lot easier now than before.

Today, you can find a number of sites dedicated to helping freelancers find the work of their choice. One, in particular, called Freelance Work Exchange, stands out because of the range of projects they offer and the quality of their clientele. For instance, you can find hundreds of fresh freelance jobs on offer like these: 

Write for Discussion Boards: $1200 per week, plus bonus
A writer is needed for an ongoing writing project. You will need to write copy to stimulate others into joining the discussion board. The writer needs to actively encourage regular and meaningful debate on the relevant discussion board, with some moderating of the content. You must have solid writing skills and good ideas.

Administer a Web Business from Home: $4000 per month
A successful e-commerce venture is seeking a part-time virtual assistant to act as a home-based office manager. You will deal with email correspondence, update site content and deal with general admin issues. You should have your own computer and Internet access.

Transcribe Author's Notes: $80 per hour, flexible working
A publishing company is seeking a freelance with an eye for detail to transcribe authors' notes and recordings for a range of ongoing projects. You must have a good grasp of English, be able to edit content into readable form, and be able to submit work from home by email.

They offer a trial subscription you can sign up for; it costs just $2.95 and you get instant access to all the projects in the database. So if you're like many professionals and would like to get started with freelance projects and work-at-home income, click here to sign up today.

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